About Us


Call Us: 07513 095 100 or 07760 231 758
Beelong apiaries was born in 2018, one year into the hobby of beekeeping. The love and passion for bees and honey quickly developed into something greater, which now became a slowly growing family business.
Our apiaries are dotted around various locations throughout Carmarthenshire and Gower. 
We sell mated, virgin and instrumentally inseminated queens, nucs, package bees and honey… and occasionally some candles, wax melts etc if we have spare time during less busy time of the year.
Our main aim is to produce the best quality calm and productive Buckfast queen bees for ourselves and others. 
We are also proud of producing top quality raw Welsh honey, which is extracted using traditional methods, coarsely filtered and unpasteurised. With nothing added and nothing taken away, just how the bees like it! 
Thank you - Beelong Apiaries