Artificially Inseminated 2022 Buckfast Queen

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Instrumentally inseminated marked 2022 Buckfast Queen bee.

Bred for their docile temperament, honey production, low swarming tendencies, disease resistance and minimal brace comb build up. 


Caged same day of postage

Arriving in an introduction cage accompanied with some workers

Available from end of May

Laying patterns and quality. Although all queens are checked before being sent, rarely they may become drone layers. Any queens that are reported to be drone layers should be reported to us within 21 days. Such queen must be returned to us alive for examination in a queen cage with attendants and fondant for our examination. The return postage will be covered by the customer.  If found infertile, we will send a replacement free of charge. Queens will only be replaced ONCE.

IMPORTANT! Acceptance is never guaranteed. We cannot do anything should your colony reject the Queen (even when following correct procedures).

In the event of the Queen arriving dead, you must inform us immediately within 24 hrs with a photo proof sent to us for a replacement. Queen must then be sent to us in an original cage for our inspection. However, we cannot refund delivery charges.


Order before 8am ( Mon - Thursday) for queens to be dispatched the same day 

Orders placed after 8 am will be dispatched the following day

Collections welcome

Queens always sent out using Next Day Delivery Service before 1 pm

Postage £7.50 for unlimited quantity of queens
National delivery 

We do not post overseas or to Ireland.