Collected 6 Frame Nucleus Colony 2024

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Reorder for 2024

£190 (£50 deposit, £140 on collection)



We offer both Overwintered and Summer Nuclei Colonies for Sale depending on the time of year. 

All colonies are for pre-booking and require deposit at the time of ordering. Nuclei colonies of bees are for collection only. 

6 frame nucs are supplied in a free reusable Correx or plywood travel box with a marked 2024 mated Buckfast queen.  

British Standard National frames with brood at all stages (capped brood, larvae and eggs) and the bees. 

Treated routinely for varroa.  

Supplied on British Standard DN4 National frames, which are suitable for a National Hive & WBC. 



Select the most appropriate date suitable for you when placing your order. 

Initial payment for Collected Nucs is non-refundable £50 deposit, with the remaining amount of £140 payable on collection.  

You will receive a confirmation email of your order and payment. 

You will be contacted to make arrangements when we know your bees are ready and always aim to supply for your selected allocation week.  

However, collection dates may be delayed due to weather conditions and out of our control.  



Please note colonies will need to be collected either early in the morning or late evening to ensure they travel well. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is well ventilated and kept cool during the collection and transportation to avoid killing the bees or queen due to overheating. 



After arrival home, place the nuc on the stand you wish to position it on, and open the door on the nuc immediately to prevent bees overheating, as they need to gather water and ventilate as needed. The bees will fly out and orientate.  

There is no immediate rush to do anything and best to leave them to settle for a day or two and then transfer them to their permanent hive.