Collected Package 1.5kg (3lb) bees with mated 2024 Buckfast Queen

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Pre-order for 2024

£170  (£30 deposit, remaining £140 on collection)



Package bees will come in a non-returnable wooden box and collection only.  

Package bees are ideal to install into various types of hives such as Top Bar, Warre, foundationless hive systems, Flow hive, Langstroth etc. 

Similarly to a swarm of bees, a package of bees is made up of young bees and a queen bee.

Please note, packages do not come with wax or frames. Simply place or shake pre-wetted bees into your hive with the queen remaining in her closed cage. Only return the next day to open the queen cage clip only for them to eat through the candy. Good feeding increases acceptance of the queen. Minimal interference for the first 10 days is required and allows them to build up. After this you should check if the queen is present and laying.

Once installed we can not be responsible for the queen being rejected.


Select the most appropriate date suitable for you when placing your order. 

Initial payment for Collected Package is non-refundable £30 deposit, with the remaining amount of £140 payable on collection.  

You will receive a confirmation email of your order and payment. 

You will be contacted to make arrangements when we know your bees are ready and always aim to supply for your selected allocation week.  

However, collection dates may be delayed due to weather conditions and out of our control.